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We are a husband and wife videography team based out of Philadelphia, PA and Cairo, Egypt, depending on the time of year. We would also love to travel to your city to help tell your story through a short cinematic film. 

Although we specialize in weddings, we would also be thrilled to film your special event, concert, theatre production, small business, school event, sports, family outings, travel journals, and more. We also offer special discounts for nonprofit organizations. 

The film critic Roger Ebert once said that "movies are machines that generate empathy". We couldn't agree more. ​One of the core identities of being human is that we are storytellers. As one half of the world is telling a story, the other half is listening and watching. As you share your story with the world around you, you are participating in a beautiful shared empathy that can unite and inspire. Whether it's the story of your daughter's first dance performance, or your best friend on their wedding day, that story told creates emotional connections. We would love to hear and see your story and then help you tell it through a film.

Dalia Dougherty

Nice to meet you here! I am currently finishing up a dental program in Cairo, Egypt, which is where I am from. One thing I've really enjoyed about working with geoVideo is getting to know our clients. In every case, they have become our friends. I am excited about the opportunity to travel to different parts of the world as we make movies.


Hello! I have loved movies ever since I was 7 and I saw E.T. 7 times in the theatre. Being from Philadelphia, I am also a big fan of Rocky Balboa. I guess I enjoy rooting for the underdog, whether it's a big-headed alien like E.T. or a big hearted boxer like Rocky. One of my passions is getting to know people and I look forward to doing that as we work together.

George Dougherty

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